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We offer you (as far as you want), a very pleasant holiday vacation , visiting, accompanied by guide and sensational beautiful places in Romania.

We got the idea, to Make tours in Romania, the Danube Delta şi and the mountains, visiting museums,, monasteries,, caves,, surprising places..

Romania has the beautiful places worth seeing. Especially if well-harnessed.

I saw no surprise that it is difficult to make connections, without time lost.

Even the Romanian hard / difficult to reach and visit the Danube Delta, especially if you have a relationship lead to ensure their accommodation and meal.

And having reached the desired location, have fewer opportunities to diversify their trip.

The rule is monotone: if no boat available and not to wander, a local guide..

You'll see in this site, pictures of some places we saw and visited in the past three years.

We decided to show you beautiful places, beautiful in Romania.

We offer some tourist itineraries in that will accompany, giving you the comfort, transportation, meals and accommodation, taking care to have fun, relax and return home with unforgettable memories and a desire to return as quickly as possible to record your pass visit as many places in Romania. (mountain, lakes, dams, caves, waterfalls, , monasteries, , museums, , Danube Delta)

We created more pages, trying to put the sections, several photographs of areas that you want to visit with:

Delta Dream Holiday

Especially for the Danube Delta,with fewer people themselves have the ability and means necessary to reach the wild or half wild, the least visited to see the spot, the delta wonders:

delta fish and birds (cormorants, coot, pelicans, herons, swans, wild ducks and geese) animals (wild or feral domestic populating the sandbanks of water)

and of course flowers / nature, magnificent panoramas to the season and place.

I thought Guide accompanies you throughout your stay in Romania and leave your deals carefully, making sure transportation, accommodation, meals and drinks you want and necessary under all inclusive.

Almost to be you, and desires to meet each of you consider necessary, that a stay of 6-8 days with a group of 6 to 14 climbers, is sufficient for a dream vacation, to relax you.span>

In the following pages, alongside photos of different places, visited in November (you might visit), we propose a route which, of course that can be easily modified

Also we propose and periods in which we can make the trip.

Of course, if with family or friends or acquaintances, already trained a group of 6-14 people, we can propose during times and route of travel you want to leave the Romania.

It also let us in advance of your arrival / departure airport, train station, bus station, so we take all necessary steps to retrieve your securely easily and wait minimum comfort conditions .


Come with us on a trip in Danube Delta!