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welcome you to Romania !




     Whatever period of not missing baggage: Light clothes for rain and wind protection, head protection hats, sunglasses, mosquito spray unguiente against prospective, unguiente for sunburn beach, swimsuit, clothes for the evening thicker the delta is sometimes quite cold.

     Ensure all payment holiday mineral water and traditional alcoholic beverages.

     Delta tourist routes are chosen depending on the level of water varies from day to day. Water levels are lowest in July, August and September and the highest - in April, May and June. Average levels are October, November and December when it and the best fishing. Fishing is prohibited in most species from April, May to June 15. In June, July and August most caught fish species is followed by rudd perch, catfish, pike and perch;






What is bad in the delta


     Mosquitoes? ... .. Are perhaps the most harmless opponents of tourists if you know something about them. They predominate in June, July, August and September but least should know that they are only 2-3 hours after they leave the darkness disappear due to increased humidity. The presence of mosquitoes is reduced when wind or rain. Fighting them is repulsive substances, special lamps that appeal in traps, or specific unguiente.

     Pond insects can cause skin irritation sweaty. It is recommended not to scratch because it emphasizes irritation and stretches. It should wash with chamomile tea and unguiente based antibiotics.

     Leeches are most dangerous for those who are young and troubled water bath. They stick to body and not come off until it is finished with about 20-25 ml of blood. For a quick detachment they hit hard enough by hand to capture that. Beware of bleeding following because it is very consistent and lasts long enough. For older tourists these accidents can be welcomed because leeches are used in folk medicine to different treatments in connection with blood circulation.


     Beware of predatory fish fisheries in general. Dorsal fins may have a very sharp needle that reaches the majority of infected finger bites. Warning pike fishing: the same type of flap but is extremely dangerous and leaves teeth marks on his fingers.




In conclusion:


     Leave the Danube Delta is for people who are not pretentious! Accommodation in delta will be in small hostels, to area residents who have conditions to receive tourists. Also TV, Internet, in some areas are science fiction.

     Remember, we are at the heart of the Danube Delta area walked very little, almost wild where there are no roads, highways, access roads. However, we get, using tiny boats adapted to navigate narrow channels, the only access routes.



Of course that will draw the eye and the overall ecological protection areas, where access is prohibited where we can all see rare flora and fauna.





     Also, in the heart of the delta, the basic food of local people, based on what is most in the area: fish. For tourists who do not like fish-based foods is more difficult but not impossible, to ensure their food. Is important to know this, so we needed food supplies in time for those not serving on fish products.

     Also, there are large stores, malls, pharmacies, even with money in your pocket, you do not what to spend, so you must have the minimum necessary: drugs, cigarettes, toothpaste, batteries and cards or film cameras

     For accommodation, you must know in advance to make reservations, how to reserve rooms: single, double ... if possible. Accommodation before and after leaving the delta will be in 2-3 star hotel category, and also feed in those conditions will be based on fish (except on request).

     Just pay than the price set for trip


     The acquisition cost of the trip come from the airport coach station, transportation to / and the delta, accommodation, food and beverages (alcoholic and soft drinks) included, and when necessary, visiting fees and photographing and filming.


     Romania and return transportation to enter into your pregnancy.


We expect you !