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welcome you to Danube Delta  


or. . . continuation of leave in the Danube Delta

An unforgettable trip in Danube Delta :  


For the period of time, number of days or places that you wish to visit, we are waiting your suggestions.


The eight days trip schedule made of us is:


Day 1

After arriving in Bucharest, taking over from the airport at the time indicated by you after accommodation, a beautiful Romanian evening, one of actually feast with traditional foods.

Day 2

Early morning climb in the car and after a trip of 4-5 hours we reach the town of an important town situated on the banks of the Danube River. We are making an unprecedented visit to the museum of the Danube Delta ecotourism.

Aquarium Tulcea - Danube Delta ecotourism Museum, today is far, most advanced museum in Romania. The water is clean and well lit, high diversity, excellent saltwater pools arranged and presented. In addition the rest of the Museum is full of useful information. And again accommodation, for two nights. In the evening take a walk on the Danube and then follows a course dinner with traditional dishes of fish netting.

3rd Day

Early morning climb on the boat and do a tour of the Delta long lasting all day, evening we return to the pension.

Day 4

A short journey by car from only three quarters of an hour will bring us closer to the heart of the Delta, the village Murighiol.

Of a route Murighiol channels only one hour by boat us part of Delta's wild heart of the village of Caraorman. And we get to Caraorman accommodation a nice hostel where we eat lunch and after siesta, take a boat ride, a visit to the surroundings.


We move on down to Caraorman Forest, where we see the sand dunes, oak forests and other trees. Remember to take with you loose clothing, boots, water and all you will get better.

Fish dishes dinner

A five-day

Tour of the nearby lakes, photos ... etc ...

6th day

We go fishing to prepare themselves to lunch. Each will contribute to this. Share chores, gathering wood for fire ignition and fire maintenance, cleaning fish caught in soup pot preparation and dining after washing plates, cutlery and soup pot, fire fighting

7th day

If the weather is warm and we are going to take the boats up on the waterfront in St. George area where (in an area with few tourists) can be a large beach and bath ...


Letea forst trip, full protection zone regime, the forest is located on the beam with the same name, one of the oldest banks in the Danube Delta. Forest appears as broad bands of 10 to 250 m, oriented approximately north-south and developed into flattened the dunes on the coast with the corresponding direction. A strip of wood also called haşmac. Most importantly Haşmacul Great being on the east forest. Is a mixture of different species including oak (Quercus pedunculiflora), fluffy ash (Fraxinus palissae), white poplar (Populus alba), black poplar and quaking (Populus nigra and Populus shaking), white willow (Salix alba) was. Letea is characterized by an abundance of mature plants (plants with short stems that cling to other plants with cârceilor) grimpante (plants increased, which is attached along which gets copurile) and voluble (plants with a strain the revolving climb). After lunch, in the evening: Delta Farewell, transport back to Bucharest, accommodation and dinner, swap photos.

8th Day

After breakfast at the hotel, going to the airport, train station, bus station, and ... bye ... ... .. Or the next time. . . Mountain leave further





. . .welcome you to Danube Delta !

We expect you !

TheTrip cost xxx Euro with accommodation, transportation and three meals per day plus water or mineral water and soft drinks alcoholic beverages plus entrance fees to museums, photographed or filmed charges where possible.

Romania and return transportation to enter into your pregnancy.