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invites you for a ride in your holidays in a tourist route in the mountains in Romania, where together we visit monasteries, caves, and waterfalls and many wonderful places.


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Ialomitei Cave


Ialomitei Cave is a cave in the Bucegi, one of the most popular in Romania.

Is located on the slope of the keys to the Ialomitei, about 10 km downstream, at an altitude of 1530 m. is situated at about 100 m downstream of the Ialomitei front of “ Morena " the absolute altitude of a survey of 1,660 m

On one level over a length of approximately 480 m, of which 400 m are accessible to tourists, named "point" by following up a piece of mythical 80 m, with the galleries and halls. The difference level is 60 m. It is crossed by a creek. The cave has a joint session, featuring both galleries and halls.

The mouth of the cave in the form of semi-elliptical, opens onto a terrace that is horizontal, which is listed at 18 m above the bottom valley Even at the entrance to the cave lies Monastery Ialomitei, built in the 16th century, founded by the voivode of the country at Bad Românesti, Yvette. The monastery was burned several times till now.

The first Hall of the cave of Mihnea Voda, having the following dimensions: length of 115 m, 15 m and high of 10-25 m. before 1924, thereby Grove Cave River flowed. Today, the water enter underground before arriving at the Grove and joins much later in Ialomita. Next Gallery called Passage with a length of 20 m and the width setting between 1-8 m, while high varies between 1.5-2 m. Halls Decebalus (in the shape of the DOM, in that open many galleries) and St. Maria are linked together, and have a modest dimensions: length between 10-30 m and pile height between 2-10 m. From the Grove St. Maria to get over a threshold of large boulders and dampen. The name comes from the Hall to the likeness of a statue of the Virgin Mary with stalagmites. The biggest hole in this cave is a Ursilor Hall. This is without water and has a ground stones. Discover they have found numerous bones and even whole skeletons from bear "caves," Ursus Spelacus Blum ", including some from the surface, which leads to the assumption that 10,000 years, here were the last hiding-place of ursilor caves.

After a new gallery of 40 m, follow gym at cross road and with the larger around the cave: Ursilor or Great Room with 72 feet long, 35 m wide and 25 m pile height. Classrooms: Hades. The Ursilor opens a Gallery 2 m pile height "Ass Cave, much, alternating with many Poles what connecting across the ground.

Follow up to the altar Gallery Waters flowing Creek Cave. The cave is accessible before the altar. Here, sections are so give the impression of a shrine to the Church.

Tourists can visit the cave on a daily basis, between the hours of 8-11 and 14-17. With refunds on tickets, the monks used to pay for the lighting of the electric current consumed of cave stalagmites.




invites you into a tourist circuit which will include visits to mountain caves, dams, monasteries, waterfalls, beautiful lakes, startling places from Romania

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