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invites you for a ride in your holidays in a tourist route in Romania, where together we visit many wonderful places in Danube Delta.


A few words about:


The Caraorman Forest



On a sandy terrain of marine origin a forest of oaks has developed, whose name, Caraorman, signifies in Turkish - The Black Forest. The old oaks with impressing branches and rich vegetation create such a dark shadow, that there are some very dark places which named the forest(The Black Forest). One of the curiosities is represented by the creepers (Periploca Greaca of Mediterranean region 15 m long - unique in Europe) that reach there, the northern limit of spreading. The creepers along with other climber plants such as the wild vine, the ivy, the hops and the tendril give this forest a subtropical aspect. In the Danube delta there have been noticed over 1615 species of plants representing almost one third of the whole Romanian flora.

The picture is taken in the Caraorman Forest on the spot known as "Hunters' Fountain" where the oldest and biggest oak in the Delta is encountered. Due to the branches which have lain on the ground it is called "The Kneeled Oak". It is 400 years old and has a circumference of 4.00 m..

In 1940 both Caraorman Forest and Letea Forest have been declared nature's monuments, being considered strictly protected areas.

invites you for a ride in your holidays in a tourist route  in Danube Delta, where together we visit forests,

lakes, fishing places, in a  word many wonderful places !

We expect you !